Paper Towns Review 

The book was about a boy called Quentin who had always loved Margo but Margo never knew him they live across the street from each other and one night they go an adventure, taking revenge on everyone who has double crossed her. The next morning Margo has gone missing and you are taken on a journey where Quentin along with his friends discovers who Margo really is.My favourite character was Margo as she was always a mystery and her personality was constantly changing so she made the story line interesting, she also had a different outlook on life to all the other characters which made her different and unique. I liked the fact that the book was based on normal people living normal lives going on one big adventure that they would never forget and also that it had a hidden message which is carried on throughout the whole book. My favourite moment in the book is when they are on the road trip to Agloe as it is funny in parts and also has a lot of anticipation which grips you as a reader as you want to find out if they find Margo and if they do what will happen. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that I felt like the ending was missing something and needed to show more of what happened after to the characters, what their lives were like and how the journey they went on affected their choices and future lives.

I think this book is aimed at teenagers and young adults as some of the language could be difficult for young readers and the story line hard to follow. Some of the issues the book addresses may not be of any interest to younger readers as they may not understand. Overall, I would recommend this book as it is never boring and there is always the anticipation for what is going to happen next, it also has a good underlying message which books do not address normally. 

Reviewed by Tabitha



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