English Book Review- Girl Online written by Zoe Sugg (Review by Jasmine D)

This book is about a 16 year old girl called Penny and her best friend Elliot (they live next door to each other). Penny has many troubles that she faces in this book, made worse by the fact she has anxiety. Penny’s mum works in a wedding organisation business which is having troubles with profits until something amazing happens. Penny has a major slip up in school in front of everybody including her ex best friend Megan and her crush Ollie. Penny realises Ollie was just a crush when she has a trip to New York and meets the love of her life.

In this book I really liked that Penny is 16 and going through her school life and isn’t the ‘popular’ girl everyone aims to be, she just has one best friend that she can tell everything to. She has a few friendship issues. Which makes many teenage girls feel they can relate.

My favourite character in the book was Noah. Noah is a boy Penny meets in New York when the family go over there for her mums work. After Penny makes a fool out of herself in front of her crush Ollie, makes her nervous to see him again. The way Ollie treated her compared to Noah, makes you realise how much more Noah cared for penny, which makes him seem so lovely and the ‘dream boy’.

Every character in the book seemed real. The story line wasn’t totally ridiculous that is was unbelievable, it was just exciting enough to keep you turning the page but also to keep it in reality.

The story kept me guessing the whole way through which is why it kept making me want to go back and read more. Although it kept me guessing, you thought you knew what was going to happen next but what you thought would happen never did.

My favourite part of the book was when Penny returns home from New York and finds out Noah is famous in America and has a record deal. He apparently has a girlfriend and has been lying to Penny (this seems nothing like the Noah that Penny met in New York he was acting so differently). But later on in the book Noah flies over to England to explain that he was never in a relationship with that girl. The record company made them act as if they were together so they would get more profits.

I never usually choose to read but now I have read this, I really hope Zoe writes another book. It was such a good read and I would recommend it to females aged 8-17, or people that are interested in romance. I would give this book a rating of 5/5. This is because when I was reading it I wasn’t bothered by the time flying by because I was so interested in what was going to happen next.


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