Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (reviewed by Megan)

The book is 316 pages long- told from three women’s perspectives- Megan Hipwell, Rachel and Anna Watson.We are first introduced to Rachel and learn that she is an alcoholic and her husband left her for his mistress, Anna.Anna really dislikes Rachel, she wishes that Rachel would just stop and go away, as she is lead to believe, that Rachel is harassing the couple and their small child, Evie.Meg Hipwell’s story starts a year before the others do; she is the character that goes missing, it tells the story up to the day of her disappearance. 

Rachel takes the same train everyday to London, everyday she sits in the same area and looks out the window to number 15, to where “Jess and Jason” live; Rachel, depending on if you interpret it that way, is obsessed with the couple and how they seem to be perfect.One day though she sees something that shocks her and ruins her perfect couple illusion. Then “Jess” goes missing and we find out that “Jess” is really Megan Hipwell.Rachel tells the police what she sees, but because she’s a drunk, she’s considered an unreliable witness.It’s full of webs, little hints and clues, moments that make you stop and think.

Megan is a very simply complicated human character who is married to Scott (“Jason”) Hipwell; she isn’t very good wife material, she’s not good at being cooped up- she has a lot of secrets, which don’t add up.Rachel becomes very entangled in the lives of the people involved with Megan and her disappearance. Especially when Rachel was there on the night conerned and can’t remember what happened- but she is covered in blood and bruises.

In this book; it’s very clear that not everything, or everyone are to be trusted. Megan cheats on her husband, Rachel blanks out when she drinks and Anna really has too much hate in her system for Rachel.It has sad points too, in Meg’s and, in some parts Rachel’s. But I really enjoyed this thriller, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys adult books, who like to be left guessing and trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and who like to be kept on their toes.Also each woman is flawed and not aware of how to change their ways but the readers can relate to them still. I really enjoyed this book and the characters in it.


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