Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher – Reviewed by Lara

This book gives you a set of different vibes, one minute your really confused another your quite teary, another minute your excited to read on what happens. But trust me I think it’s a great book and hopefully you will too.

So this is how Ketchup Clouds starts…. One normal teenage girl has a big secret  one she can’t tell anyone, one she has to keep to herself….This teenage girl has a name Alice, but she prefers being called Zoe ( I don’t know why but she just does) Instead of speaking to people about her secret she decides to write letters about her secrets and her problems. It all started when her and her best friend Lauren were invited to a house party, a massive one, I mean her and Lauren were a bit surprised that they were invited to Max Morgan’s party. When the night finally came, she got there on time and as she stood outside she turned her face to see a boy looking at her, big brown eyes just looking at her but then he disappeared…she carried on walking and saw Max, something happened that night something that they didn’t talk about, Zoe and Max didn’t talk for 4days until she saw him at the fireworks. But that night watching the fireworks Max and Zoe started to be a couple then she paused she saw Max (her boyfriend) getting into the same car as the boy with the big brown eyes! That messed everything up, she fancied her boyfriend’s brother, how was that possible…..

I enjoyed reading this book as there was lots of good detail and lots of excitement, and emotional vibes.

Read the book to find out more out Zoe, The boy with the big brown eyes, and Max


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